Dogs are funny.  This weekend, we decided to put Venus’s boots on the other two dogs.  Since it is beginning to be spring, we want our dogs to come in with dry paws, not muddy paws.  Neither Bailey nor Dallas liked the boots.  As soon as we put them on, they became paralyzed.  Dustin cured Bailey of her paralysis by throwing a toy, however Dallas was not beguiled by the toy.  He just wanted to be boot free.

Please take these things off me
Jumping Bean

No post is complete without a little Venus, so here she is out in her cart.
Saturday Stroll

The entertainment from our furry troop provides us countless laughs.  Venus also contributed in another fishy way this weekend – a post to come. 

Written by Stephanie Mullins


Matt Elder

That second video cracked me up! Looks like she was trying to run with big clown shoes on or something. We left our little dog out in the back yard today, probably not a good idea. He'll be tracking mud everywhere.


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