Dustin had the opportunity to learn from a master tier, Rick Takahashi, at one of our local fly shops, Anglers Roost.  This was a four session class with only two students.  Talk about some one on one.  Dustin learned new tricks and further honed his tying skills.  He hopes to take an intermediate class with Takahashi in the near future.

Here are a few of the patterns Dustin tied in class.  While he’s tied many of these prior to class, Rick gave Dustin a few pointers and Dustin enjoyed the opportunity to become a better tier.

Wooly Bugger:IMG_0115

Hare’s Ear:IMG_0118

Scud: IMG_0121

Go-2 Prince (these are my favorite):IMG_0128

Go-2 Caddis:IMG_0129

Anglers Roost and Rick put on these beginner classes every so often.  If you are new to tying, or thinking about getting started, check out these classes.  Rick’s instruction will get your tying started on the right foot, or hand in this case. 

Dustin has been busy tying in his free time.  He has a box to fill for Brooke, as she is going to try her hand on a Missouri Blue Ribbon Stream.  He is also working on our boxes and making good progress!  I can’t believe all the recipes that are in that head of his.  He just started tying last May, so he’s came a long way, and his ties get better every day. 


Written by Stephanie Mullins


Midge Man

Tak wasn't kidding when he said Dustin is going to be a great tier! That's some outstanding work on Dustin's part and he obviously really enjoys his time at the bench! Great work!!!!


First thing I noticed, besides the sweet Hares ear… was the awesome Macro shots! which one of you is responsible for that one?

Stephanie and Dustin

@MM – He really does enjoy tying, and I enjoy seeing all he comes up with, and fishing them too is fun. I am so glad he finally decided to start doing it last year!

@Sanders – Gracias!

@Dustin – He truly is finding his groove, he's getting quicker and more consistent at the vice. Practice, practice, practice 🙂

@Howard – Dustin agrees. He said Rick was so patient, humble and knowledgeable. He had a great time in those classes.

@Jay – Isn't that scud gnarly? I like it too.

@Josh – Dustin gets credit for the macro photos. We got these new macro lenses that we are playing around with.


Grasshopper…you will be able to snatch the flies out of my hand very soon. keep up the good work, travel far and tie many flies.



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