Since our relocation, the blog has been short on hunting fodder.  In order to remedy that, I wanted to post about Dustin’s favorite new hunting accessory, his Summit RSX Eagle Hang-on Stand.  He used the heck out of this stand last year in multiple locations, and I can tell you he sure will miss it come hunting season around these parts.  Sitting is so much more comfortable than stalking.


So, let’s get down to why he loves the Eagle.  Right out the box, the stand is ready to go.  With a weight of 14 pounds, it is easy to transport in and out of the woods.  Set-up is snap, and its as versatile as you want it to be. 

The Raptor Series, of which the Eagle is part, is a collection of hang–on stands.  For each hook you want to install, you essentially have spot, with little hassle.  It attaches like a normal lock on, but only a hook remains instead of the whole stand.  The hook belts onto the tree, so no tedious screwing.  Talk about cutting out a huge cost of having multiple stands.  Not to mention, you know no one is going to sneak in and have a premade spot ready for themselves. 


On a few trees, he used conventional screw on steps.  For other trees he used the Gorilla Silverback Predator Climb Sticks, four of them.  Total weight with the sticks is around 26lbs, so its easy and light transporting.  A bonus of the sticks, no one knows you are hunting the area, allowing for full-on stealth mode in high pressure areas.  It just depends on your preference for sticks or steps, both methods are just as easy. 

For added safety, he added a ratchet strap around the bottom part of the stand so he could climb in and out with out the stand moving on the hook.  He’s timid of heights, so he prefers a stand that is 100% secure.  With that said, Dustin can get into the woods, and be completely set up within 20 minutes, even quicker on a good day.  Look closely at the photo below to see the stand set-up.


Sitting in crappy weather for hours makes you want a comfortable seat, and this stand supplies it.  With 3” padding his butt stayed happy, and legs cramp free.  The stand and Dustin withstood a killer windstorm, and he felt safe and secure the entire time.     

Another great aspect, the seat folds up and attaches to a clip allowing Dus to makes shots behind him.  You never know when or where a deer is coming, so the stand’s stealth factor is a huge bonus. 


In his opinion, this stand is a must-have for a person that hunts on multiple properties.  For 250 bucks ($50.00 for 3 addition hooks) a person can essentially have four stand locations without the hassle of hanging and transporting four lock-on stands.    

Written by Stephanie Mullins



Good review! Summit is definitely known for their climbing stands. I have one and I love it. I didn't even realize they offered anything but climbers, so this review was an eye opener. I am looking for a semi-permanent stand to move around locations within the same property, and this sounds like it would be a good option.

Stephanie and Dustin

Mark – This would be an ideal stand for that property. Dustin used it in several places on a piece of land in Kearney, MO and at his hunting land right in town. So much easier than hauling his climber every time.


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