While I studiously sat in lab last night, the boys went out to fish. (I’m not at all envious…)  They braved the cold and the wind to hook into some brownies on the Poudre.  Their dedication paid off as a few came to the net.  The Prince struck again, and the Lazy Boys were anything but lazy.  Poudre Canyon Chronicles has a great write up of his and Dustin’s afternoon on the water.  Go check it out since we all know Dustin will never sit down to type up his report…at least he takes pictures.

IMG_4322 IMG_4323

Dustin’s legs were still numb when he got home.  As he climbed out the car, he wore a smile and walked with peg legs.  “I can’t feel my legs!  It was damn cold tonight” he said.  No matter the conditions, Dustin will fish.  Him and I have fished well into the night, in the snow, the rain, the wind, you name it.  It’s all worth it when you feel the tug. 


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Oh he's a lucky boy. Everything around here is blown out and flooding by at least 10 feet. Go check the web cam at Bennett Springs, it's some high, brown water.


Numb legs are a small price to pay for a night on the water 🙂 i think you need to take a study break next time they go out and join them!

Stephanie and Dustin

@Matt – We've heard there is some high water at home, but holy smokes Bennett is HIGH! I've never seen it that high on the bridge. Wow.

@Sanders – Nose to the grindstone for the next two weeks for me, and then I have all summer to play while Dustin works 🙂

@COAngler – You are so right!

Midge Man

I got to say it… they grow some tough damn kids back there in Missouri! That weather would have taken most of the folks I know and had them hiding in their cars! Next time he comes in frozen like that give him two shots of Amaretto mixed with two shots of Southern Comfort that's just been warmed in the microwave. Have him chase the sweet away with a good cup of brisk coffee. He may not get any warmer, but he won't care that his knees won't bend and he'll sleep great! He did good! Now let's get you though the semester and free up some of your time.


Read about the trip on PCC. I was wondering if we would get to read Dustin's report, but I guess pictures are worth a thousand words.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Dustin – I always forget you live in Vegas. You tie these great coldwater flies, and here you are scorching in the desert! It just made me chuckle.

@MM – I'm not sure they grow us tough or borderline crazy. There were a couple of times that we've looked at one another and confirmed, we are out of our minds. As for the drink, I will remember that not only for him but me as well. I just hope the dogs are ready to take care of us!

@Howard – What is not to like about Ft. Collins? It would be a win-win for both of you.

@Jay – I thought he'd start posting eventually, but he won't. He's terrified to write.

@Blake – They sure make them pretty here in CO!


If you can beat the cold and fish hard, then you'll be catching fish… year round.. Nicely done Dustin!
I'm interested in your prince's.


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