Each year the student chapter of AFS hosts a fishing derby at College Lake.  It’s a fantastic event that allows anglers to fish a private lake and have a chance at a huge pike.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate this year.  The conditions were definitely crappy, wet snow and frigid temps, but anglers still had smiles on their faces.  Fishing was difficult, as the fish metabolism had to be low considering the chilly water temps.  However, some anglers hooked into some nice fish, a 32” Northern won it.  Dustin and I volunteered for the event.  We took measurements and initialed score cards.  It was a good way to get out and meet new people and see some nice fish all for a good cause. 

IMG_0040 IMG_0043 IMG_0045

After the event, all of us volunteers had the opportunity to fish as well.  Conditions were not much better for us, and most still struggled to catch anything.  I did catch one pike, but the little sucker got off right at the bank.  I’m not going to complain – at least I didn’t have to get my hands wet and slimy.  On the way home, we saw the Easter Bunny preparing for Sunday.


Speaking of Easter, Dustin and I decided to spend the holiday on the Poudre.  We caught a few, and enjoyed fishing with minimal wind.  A refreshing change of pace.  As far as what was on the menu, the trout preferred princes for their Easter meal. 


Since our Canon G11 was junked, Best Buy replaced it with a newer model Canon G12.  We had a bit of fun playing with settings.  The pics below were taken on vivid setting.  We love what it did for the fish, but Dustin’s hands really aren’t this red, I swear.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

We also decided to drive up in the canyon a bit to see how the water was flowing.  We want to correlate the cfs reading to observation.  This is new water for us, so learning what 333 cfs looks like compared to say 50 cfs or 1000 cfs is important.  I can say, the Poudre is starting to look like a real river, full of pocket water, deep holes, amazing riffles and gin clear, cold water.

IMG_0074 IMG_0102 IMG_0071

Venus’s first question when we got home, so how’d you do? A fine Easter, old girl, very fine indeed.



Written by Stephanie Mullins


Midge Man

Sounds like a great weekend and I'm glad you're beginning to get a feel for the Poudre. A very wise old fisherman once commented to me: "The Poudre… get yourself a handfull of Princes". The pattern is a mainstay on this river and it can be the only bug they want to look at on occasion. Other than that, sounds like a great Easter and it's really nice to see those vivid brownies on the end of your line…. Great post as always!


Outstanding way to spend your Easter – sounds like you two are really getting to "regulars". You know, there are a few places to chase big pike in COL. They spawn right after Ice Out, and Eleven Mile and Spinney have some BIG fish in them. Over around Steamboat, fish the sloughs on the Yampa.

As if you don't have enough water nearby to explore!!

Stephanie and Dustin

@Jay – You are right fishing on holidays is fun – there were a few less people out which was nice.

@Howard – Indeed I am content and excited. Lots of promise in our new neck of the woods.

@Chris – Couldn't agree more!

@Sanders – The vivid setting is fun to play with, it makes pics more life like, except for the hands, which look a little, um burnt…

@MM – Since the prince is my favorite fly, I should find a nice home on the Poudre…eventually 🙂

@Wolfy – I can't believe how long our waters to fish list is, and it only includes water in the state! Incredible.

@Josh – Dustin is really getting this fishing the Poudre thing down.

@Passin – It was a great weekend, crappy weather and all.


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