Some days are better than others, and Thursday night fell into the better category.  The sole class that caused concern to my perfect GPA, now causes me no concern as I managed to pull out an A.  Dustin and I had plans to fish after class, because I thought I might be in need of a pick me up.  However, the stars aligned and the fishing plans were to celebrate,  not ease tension. 


The Poudre seemed obliged to continue my good night; first cast, a small brown, barely a parr, was tempted by the size 18 Lazy Boy.  Dustin had not even got into the water, when I hooked into a rainbow, again on the Lazy Boy.  Hugging the edge of the fast flowing riffle water, my indicator went down again and again.  

IMG_4418 IMG_4420

Suddenly my indicator was buried in the riffle, and my rod was arched.  I saw a glint of goldenrod, and thought I’d hooked into a killer brown.  Imagine my surprise when the fish rolled on the surface, and I did not recognize the mouth of this fish at all!  After reeling in, I saw I hooked into a spawning Longnose Sucker.  Oops.  She didn’t count for the fish total, but she was a cool looking gal nonetheless. 


As fate would have it, I had to walk through my honey hole, because I was stuck pretty good on a rock across stream.  After wading through the hot spot, I worked some pocket water on the opposite bank and slowly headed up the river.  The river had cooled, and the Lazy Boy had lost its charm.  Dustin, meanwhile, landed a fish right above me on a Go-2.  The sun disappeared little by little, and we made the decision to go home. 


Yelling to Dustin, “I want to hit that spot on more time.” I head back to the hot spot, until I look up and see Dustin hooking into one in the exact same spot to which I was heading.  Cursing under my breath, I settled in just a bit down from him and tried my luck, while he hooked into two back-to-back.   There was a lesson learned here as Dustin reeled in another little brown, beat Dustin to the water – that is the secret for catching fish.  Probably not, but it sounds like a good plan nonetheless.  Finally, we put up our rigs and headed out the canyon. 


As for me, I had a very productive hour and a half and was up on Dustin.  In fact he had nil for awhile.  I must confess, I did miss three.  My fish of the night was a beauty of a 13” brownie(Dustin’s measurement, my measurement maybe 12″).  He’s pictured below.  Only two fish fell victim to Tak’s Go-2 Prince last night, as it seemed the Lazy Boy was the meal du jour.


During the drive home we talked about giving credit where credit is due.  Dustin and I struggled for the first couple of months on the Poudre, but then we got some help from some fishing legends, Midgeman and Rick Takahashi.  Midgeman introduced us to the ways of fishing the Poudre, and Takahashi taught Dus how to tie the patterns that work (I just want to hug him for the Go-2).  We are so lucky to have ran across these men, and will be forever grateful for their insight.  We still have so much to learn, and can’t believe we have the opportunity to learn from the best.  So, thanks guys! 


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Well, first off the sucker, I'd count it. A fish is a fish unless you eat them, then they're dinner. I think you guys could have your own rendezvous up there…please don't forget to invite me.


I'm with Howard, the sucker definitely counts. Those things aren't any easier to catch than trout… they're selective too.
Kudos on the good grades, and in my opinion you couldn't have picked a finer way to celebrate.

Midge Man

I heard this story earlier in the day…. Sounds like things a coming together for you guys and I'm glad you're finding some fish before the water gets a little wild! Wait until you get into one of the suckers that really is big… they can take you for a hell of a ride…
Good show!


Awesome night…great pics! I'm not counting, but it seems like you numbered Dustin again…

I'll be at the next meeting…you got my vote 🙂

Francis Martin

Legends??? Probably two of the most humble fisherman I've every known, but to put it in prospective they are scary good on a river when they want to be! I also know they are having as much fun showing you a few tricks of the trade as you are catching those fish. Enjoy your time with both! You've actually run into a couple of real fly fisherman.


Beauty post. Every territory you go there will be a threshold of sorts you have to break through. Each success helps build momentum for better success in future adventures. It only gets better from here.


First- on learning from the best… That you are. And I hope you both know how lucky you are to have that. It is a very special thing.
Next- The sucker, great practace! and a little toad it was, your tippet held, you probably treated it like a trout for the first half of the battle.. Great practace for when its not a sucker!
Last- For Dustin- You better watch out man or youll just be taking pictures.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Jay – Thanks! I know you understand how hard the work is for this major. Wetting a line is the only way to celebrate!

@Emb – Counting it!

@blake – The water is so chilly right now – glad the fish are starting to move.

@Sanders – numbered him again today too!

@Francis – They are legends to Dustin and I! You are right, they are as humble as they come. I only hope to one day be a tenth of a fisherman those guys are.

@Cocasters – Working for it definitely gives us a sense of accomplishment!

@Josh – The sucker was actually quite fun, and you are right, I did treat him like a trout. Dustin is a good photographer so shooting pics would be a good job for him!


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