After receiving How to Fish Like a Guide by George Douglas (Hall of Famer and the mastermind of Kype Magazine) a couple months ago from Josh over at Bigerrfish, Dustin and I devoured the book in the first couple of days we had it.  Since then, I have went back through it and re-read certain things.  This post has given me a bit of trouble, because I didn’t know how to go about doing the review.  I didn’t want to spoil the fun for others, but I wanted to convey just how easy and good of a read this book is. 

First things first, the book is a breeze to read.  Before you know it you are on the last chapter and only an hour has passed.  George writes in a fashion that makes you keep turning the page.  He certainly knows his stuff, and he knows how to convey his message in an effective, interesting manner.

For the review, I am going to give a quote that I liked from each chapter.  I think it is the best way to give the book a good introduction, without giving too much away.

Chapter 1 – Introduction: “You have to believe in yourself.  You have to believe in your knots, in your presentation, in your drift.  When you doubt, your open the door for failure to enter.”

Chapter 2 – Preparation: “Each knot should average in the 30 second range, therefore allowing you to tie up a full rig in only a few minutes.”

Chapter 3 – Where to: “A good way to learn your favorite holes is to go visit them during dry conditions.”

Chapter 4 – The Approach: “It takes discipline to be a strong angler.  You must make rules and stick to them, because when we’re on the river it is easy for us to lose our poise.”

Chapter 5 – Adjusting to Conditions: “An underwater rock breaks as much current as a rock on the surface.”

Chapter 6 – The Rules: “Keep your eyes and ears open for the smallest details, it could make or break your day on the river.”

Chapter 7 – Gear: “After some time, I realized that ball caps are not the best hats for fishing.”

Chapter 8 – Stop Losing Fish: “Fish are fought and landed with the mind.”

Chapter 9 – At the End of the Day: “By setting goals and learning along the way, we are actually committing to a life long quest.”

To sum it up, this book is great for a beginner, like myself, or someone that has been fly fishing for 15 years, like Dustin. George proposes ideas to change your thinking and your approach to fishing, on and off the water.  The advice he dispenses is universal, and essential to becoming a better angler.  As Dustin and I read, we thought these things were no-brainers, but it turns out that things we know often don’t come with us to the river.  Putting this ideas to practice is what George urges anglers to do.  A good foundation will bring more fish.

If you are interested in a copy of the book, contact Josh over at Bigerrfish.  You can also roll the dice, and perhaps win a copy over at Owl Jones – he’s running a giveaway, but hurry as the contest ends tomorrow!


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Thanks Stephanie, I'm always looking for books by guides…totally different perspective that I really respect.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Cofisher – It really does give you a different perspective. As a guide, it is his job to put people on fish, and lots of fish, and quick. He lets you in on how to do this yourself.

@Sanders – You'll be glad you got it. Like I said, some of the stuff is no-brainer, but it doesn't translate to the river. He prepares you before you leave the house to get into fish – and lots – and fast.

@Fontinalis – This one is one of the quicker reads. I was done in less than an hour. Loan….could be arranged?

@Josh – Get fish quick. I could only imagine the pressure he feels as a guide. I'm glad that he shared that sense of urgency in his book. Like I told Sanders, he preps you before you even leave the house – gear and mind to catch fish.


George writes in a fashion that makes you keep turning the page. He certainly knows his stuff, and he knows how to convey his message in an effective, interesting manner.


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