A couple of months ago, Mark over at Sole Adventure ran a giveaway which accompanied an interview with famed Glacier Park Photographer, Tony Bynum.  Tony has published work all over, and chances are you’ve seen his photographs in your trusty outdoor magazine and possibly on your favorite gear advertisements.  Recently, his photographs of Montana are featured on city buses throughout the United States – very cool.

double decker buss

Tony was nice enough to answer questions from other photographers, novice and advanced alike, in Mark’s interview.   Dustin and I are not photographers, not even novice level, but Dustin would like to add that to his skills at some point when time and money allow.  Any information or tips from an expert help make point and shoot shots look even better, so we take what we can get.  As far as the interview, I particularly liked how he pointed out all the different aspects of scouting and also his take on conservation, and where it begins.   

Remember that giveaway I mentioned, well I won it!  Hanging on my wall is a signed photograph by Tony.  It was unimaginably hard picking which one we wanted.  All his photos are so dang good.  However, we pulled the trigger on the picture of a bull elk with a rub in the background. For me, it just encompassed wildness, and when I received it I knew I made a good choice. We had it framed by a place here in Fort Collins.  We aren’t in love with the frame, but it was one that was simple enough not to take away from the photo.  Also, we went ahead and ponied up a little extra cash to get the museum glass to be sure it won’t fade. 

Now, if our walls were something other than orange (and I could take a straight picture) it would look magnificent!

Thanks to Mark, and of course Tony, for the interview and the fabulous giveaway!


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Steph, congrats again! That photo looks great all framed up. Every time I check out Tony's work, I walk away inspired and amazed.


Very nice. I like the "terra cotta" walls… calling them "orange" makes them sound worse. The blue-green mat and the "terra cotta" walls have a nice southwestern style when put side by side.
Just a thought.

Midge Man

After having watched him spot deer on the river one evening, I'd bet Dustin will have a lot of day dreams looking at this shot!


Nice story, thanks for sharing your experience! I'm happy to have been a part of it. Make sure to catch the new Eastman's Hunting Journal for another really cool bull and some great stories!



Very nice, Stephanie. Dustin and you will cherish that picture and the memory of how you came by it for many years. Beautiful!


Congrats again and I can't even imagine how hard it was for you guys to pick through all those stellar images but you picked an awesome shot!

(and your "orange" walls look the same color as my old office. It was called "Spiced Cloves." 😉


Mark Mills

First, congrats! I'm jealous.

Second, you're already much better photographers than you are giving yourself credit for. The photos on your site on quite good (to me) so I think you are already well on your way.


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