For most days spent on the water I cannot come home and say I was one up on Dustin.  There have been a few times that I have out fished him, but for the most part Dustin out fishes me.  On Sunday, however, I was one up.  While, we both caught the same number of fish, and even missed one obvious hit a piece, I was the victor. 

As Dustin reeled in a beautiful brown, he reached for the camera.  This is the first fish of the day, and in true brownie fashion, is quite the looker.  I watch Dustin turn on the camera, and align the shot, only to hear him say “No Memory Card.”  I snickered.  How do you bring the camera, but neglect to check for a memory card?  Congratulations sir, here is your “Bonehead Award”.  Of course I only thought this to myself, as he was already bummed enough.  After he released the brown, he asked if I had my phone, and luckily I did, so we weren’t totally without pictures.  We snapped a couple of the fish, but to be honest my memories are much better than the camera phone pics, and for the most part it remained in my pocket.  However, I was the one that spared us a few pictures.  Finally, a day where Dustin was the bonehead on the river, not me!  

CIMG0175 CIMG0178 CIMG0180

Again today, the fish seemed to like the Go-2 Prince, although I had a brown take a Lazy Boy.  I just love catching fish on that prince.  Dustin also had a first cast catch on a pheasant tail.  Lucky for us, the fish seemed to be in a responsive mood.  We had a fun afternoon, sprinkled with a little snow, and just a bit of wind.  I’m going to go ahead say, I doubt Dustin goes to the river again with an empty memory card slot.    


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Well, now look at that, you numberd him?
Glad to hear that the two of you got out and got in to them.
Makes me happy for you guys. it really does


LOL, it happens Dustin! In spite of forgetting the memory card, it sounds like you still had a great day. Lovin' the catch and release. Send them back for their Grandpas. Thanks for the tips on what they are hitting on. However, my son has found that they hit differently on different waters. You two are so fortunate to live where you do. Love that you two one-up and tease, Stephanie. Fun entry.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Josh – My thinking cap on upped him, but the numbers were even on this day.

@Dar – We did have a great afternoon. Indeed, we love where we live.

@EMB – Thanks for coming by our blog. Glad you decided to come aboard with us!


Fun post. I get tickled that folks get all twitterpated over not having pictures to show. I've got more important things to worry about, like not falling down/falling in, whether I brought a reel with me or what's for lunch?


Cofisher – That last one there….the all important question! 🙂 Is it lunch time yet? Grumble grumble…ah….it is only 9:30…?!


I've done the same thing, but fortunately for me I was by myself… Kelly wasn't there to let me know I was a "bonehead." Glad to hear you're gaining ground… even if it's not more fish.

Colorado Angler

My mantle is stocked with Bonehead Awards…and there's rarely an outing that I don't come back empty-handed.

Display that shiny new trophy proudly, Dustin!

Looks like a good time up north – outside, good company, and hauling in a few fishies. Yup…that's what it's all about.

Now…did someone mention food?

Stephanie and Dustin

@Howard – Most of the time the camera kicks our tail; we can't get it out in time, our hands are full, we're barely standing…you know the routine. Most cases we just want to get the fish back in the water and the camera is a pain in the butt. However, it is still nice to have the camera, so we can remember what we caught, and what fly we caught it on so we can record in our journal. It is kinda scary both are memories are already suffering…

@Jay – I'll take what I can get. He's constantly making fun of me making goofy mistakes – it is nice to do it back for once.

@COAngler – It is getting close to lunch time…

The Sowbug

Happens to me more often than not… what with memory cards and batteries. Yet the phone has saved the day many times. Not so much for the hero shots but for memories of the who, the what and the where. Actually forgot shoes once?! Flip flops are ill advised.

Midge Man

I'm really glad you guys are out and beginning to nail them!!! You're absolutely right about Tak's Prince, that thing about rules the river and you still managed to bring home a couple of photos….. Sounds like a great day!


Two Hoots for a great fishing day!!! (Well, most fishing days are great…) Nice catches, there. Hey, I have a contest going…have you checked it out?


Sounds like a great little outing…you caught some fish, got some calculated pics, and get to hold something over Dustin's head for awhile…Being the bonehead myself most of the time, it's nice when you get to pass the torch…if for only a little bit. Sounds like I need to tie me up some of those Go 2's!


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