Lake X...The date set, the theme selected and the attendees are to be named later – Rocky Mountain Frenzy is upon us.  Leaving her Utah confines, the River Damsel will venture to Dustin and I’s neck of the woods August 10 –14.  This adventure started out as a journey to the now canceled Outdoor Blogger Network Convention.  Not wanting to scrap her plans, Emily asked if it was okay to come anyway.  Of course; it was more than okay!  Emily’s story intrigues me, and I’ve been wanting to meet her for ages.   Plus, this is the week before I go back for a sure-to-be grueling semester; I want to spend the last week of summer with tight lines.

Lucky for everyone, I am not going to keep RD all to myself.  We are in a great location here, and all three of us are eager to meet other bloggers.  So come one, come all to see what Northern Colorado has to offer.  The legendary Big Thompson awaits, the tricky Poudre beckons and Rocky Mountain National Park glistens with promise.  Other great fisheries are just a few hours away, like Eleven Mile, Cheesman and Boulder Creek.

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As I have mentioned before, Dustin and I are pretty solitary fisherpeople.  We normally fish just by ourselves, and find that works for us.  However, we need to break out of our shells a bit, and I can’t think of a better time to do it.  If fishing with others is not your thing, I understand, but dinner is everyone’s thing – so come to the dinner night in Fort Collins where fish tales, camaraderie and good food will be had.  Another bonus, all the wildlife that you can see – Big Horns, Moose, Coyotes, Elk, Beaver, Muskrat…


Cost is an issue that no doubt should be considered, but I must say that many campgrounds exist along the Poudre, and inside the park.  Also, non forest service campgrounds are also found along the Big Thompson.  If camping is your thing, this trip could be a rather inexpensive one.  Just food for thought!


Shoot Emily or I an email, or comment here with questions.  We’d be more than happy to help.  We’ll post updates as this comes together.

See you in August!

-Dustin & Stephanie

Written by Stephanie Mullins



Little far from Wisconsin, can't wait to see the report. by the way liking the new look to the blog.


Sounds like fun. Great job keeping the rendezvous alive! I won't be able to make it…wasn't likely going to be able to make the OBN thing either, but you guys are going to have a great time!

Dustin's Fly Box

I am going to try and swing this trip! Sounds like a hoot if owl came too.. and yes the pun was intended. 11 hour drive from vegas but I want to spend a day in Moab which is on the way. This is going to be a blast to meet you all


Hey Guys!

I follow your blog, and really enjoy reading it! I live in Fort Collins, and seeing as my parents are my transportation, I fish the poudre a lot. I fish mainly in town, but the canyon produces well for me on occasion too. If it might be possible for us all to meet up and fish, keep in touch. My Blog is called Fins on the Fly, and I hope that you will give it a look. By the way, my name is Jake, I am 15, and have been fly fishing for about nine years now. I think I ran into you guys last year at legacy park, but who knows. Let me know what your schedule looks like!

Best Regards,
Jake Ruthven

Stephanie and Dustin

@MM – It's going to be a long wait for melt-off. The waters better get into good shape before then! I am anxious to meet everyone, but I want to get a handle on what the Poudre is REALLY like. Not this winter, kick our ass fishing we first experienced 🙂

Stephanie and Dustin

@Dustin – It would be AWESOME if you could make the trip. I know you won't be disappointed. Even an added bonus – you are being efficient, knocking two places out in one trip!

Stephanie and Dustin

@Jake – I am heading over to your blog right after I post this comment. Your name actually came up when discussing the TU Youth Camp this summer. I hope you have a great time there! I am sure we could arrange to meet up and fish sometime. It is so beyond great to hear about a 15 year-old passionate about fly fishing. Very cool. I'll shoot you an email from your blog.

Fontinalis Rising

Love the new banner, and still on the fence for August vacation. My buddy Keith is always up for a CO roadtrip (he's from there). For me it depends in part on whether I win/can attend the TU thing, but we'll know the results of that soon enough, not that I think I would win, but here's hoping.


Emily’s story intrigues me, and I’ve been wanting to meet her for ages. Plus, this is the week before I go back for a sure-to-be grueling semester; I want to spend the last week of summer with tight lines.


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