Where did my summer go?!  I knew that time would fly while exploring CO this summer, but I had no idea it would fly so FAST!  The last few weeks I have been MIA on the interwebs because I have tried to soak up as much mountain playtime as possible.  I spent a good chunk of time volunteering in RMNP which was intriguing and fun as always.  I’m sad to say good-bye to my summer, but excited to start new endeavors that come with a fresh semester. 

Time, it is in limited supply for me.  Due to this fact, the narrative shall be brief for the upcoming posts and a small sampling of photos will appear.  A feast for the eyes, perhaps, instead of the usual diet of verbage.  I’ll split up the posts into wildlife and scenery.  I do hope you all enjoy! 

IMG_7212[1] IMG_7280 IMG_7298 IMG_7272 IMG_6925 IMG_6931 IMG_6990[1] IMG_6729[1] IMG_6749 IMG_6785 IMG_6808 IMG_6881 IMG_6899 IMG_6904


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I'm always lovin' the photography on this site! Gorgeous wildlife and fishy pix! Good luck with the studies and hopefully we'll get to fish around it next month…


We've got a ways to go before Fall is officially here. (hopefully) Sorry the semester started, but I'll enjoy the photos as always.

Stephanie and Dustin

I forgot to mention that these photos are just from the last two weeks!

@RD – Aren't you sweet with your kind words! See you in a little over a month!

@Howard – Fall is here for me. My indoor time just increased by quite a bit; fall mode is in full effect. Not much backcountry fishing for us, just the easy to get to stuff for the rest of the year. Boo!

@Joe – The greenbacks are so darn colorful. Easily my favorite cutthroat in CO.

@Emily – Isn't he? He looks like he should be on a high fence property…not wandering around in the wild.

@Sanders – The last month has been crazy. I could probably count the hours spent on the internet on one hand. The backcountry is WAY better than blogging…

@MM – I think both our hearts stopped. The only place Mr. Muley would look better – on the wall.

@Josh – I can't believe the beautiful fish we've caught these last few weeks. Even the 'bows we've caught on the Big T were gorgeous.

@Marcia – I love the buck too! Thanks for the compliment!

Fontinalis Rising

Hey, we've missed you, but glad you're out there soaking it up. Great pictures, and hopefully you'll get back to the verbiage soon. I'm hoping that you'll have some CO hunting adventures from Dustin this fall, or is he going back to Nebraska for whitetails?


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