Babies are portable, boobs are portable – sounds like a recipe for lots of newborn adventures, right?  Unfortunately not.  I have defunct boobs that do not produce enough milk.  So, in order for Dustin and I to take our first “outing” we had to pack up my hospital grade breast pump, all the parts and pieces to it, a diaper bag, a few breast milk supplements and an inverter so I could plug in and use said breast pump.  Oh yeah, we love a challenge.


In my last post I mentioned I had been a prisoner to motherhood this summer, and that was not a lie.  Drake and I only leave for doctor’s appointments due to the feeding issues we’ve had.  Yes, I know, I could throw in the towel and switch to formula, but the little man doesn’t like formula that well, and let’s be honest, breast milk just gets him off to a better start.  Ah, sacrifices.  I have a lifetime of making them now. Anyhow, one set of my parents came into town to see the little monster; Dustin wanted to take them to see the park as, Debbie, my step-mom, had never been to Colorado.  Thus, we packed up all the accessories and headed out. 


Drake made it to Estes before he had to eat.  As we pulled into the park, the hands were in the mouth and he was ready for some grub.  Alas, I breastfed at Endovalley campground where a Stellar Jay, a chipmunk and a Golden Mantle provided an audience.  I pumped there as well – not many people can say they pumped their breasts next to Chiquita Creek.  After that we made the trek up Trail Ridge.  Drake fed at 12,000 feet, and on the way back down to Estes – what a trooper. This time the pumping spectators included a bull elk and his harem.  Thankfully for me, the wildlife didn’t seem to take offense.        

IMG_8450 IMG_8486

This foray into the front country took it out of me.  Feeding and pumping in public, hauling all the pumping gear, and just the general hassle was not for me.  Dustin didn’t understand the challenge; he declared the outing a success and asked when we were headed to the backcountry.  I wanted to smack him.  However, I have to admit, Drake LOVES the outdoors.  Anytime he gets a bit fussy, the sun on his face quiets him instantly.  He is so mellow outside.  We hope this a good sign for adventures out in the big world to come.  



Written by Stephanie Mullins


Steve Zakur

I think I speak for all males of the species when I say that it is not possible for boobs to be defunct. 🙂

Good for you guys getting out. My boys are now 13 and 16 but I remember what a hassle getting out an about was when they were young; especially during that newborn phase when all you wanted to do was sleep during any free moment. Sounds like you're raising him right. Good luck to both of you.


Feeding issues or not, Drake is a little Doll, looks healthy and happy and is no longer that little new born we saw a couple of weeks ago. He's already got a dose of the high country and likes feeling a little sun on his face. Whether you realize it or not this was just the first of "God only knows" how many adventures you three will share time beside a little creek. It had to feel great to get out of the house!!!


Ahh…Stephanie! You are killin' me! Sorry…I was laughing all the way through this post. You can get through this relatively short time in your life… I made it through four babes!! Drake does seem very content with the outdoors. It should get easier as he will grow fast and will soon ask for a fly rod rather than a drink of milk…ha!

Rhythm Rider

My wife would be proud to hear of your persistence with your feeding options. We have 2 munchkins that mom fed. Don't get too militant (those la leche folks can be a little heavy handed). Our 1st just went to kindergarten this morning, and I can't believe how fast the time went. As Emily alludes to, it is only temporary. Nice to see the little one is getting a taste of the outdoors.


I can't speak to the feeding…but the little guy looks right at home out there in the wild. Pretty soon we'll be seeing him strapped to yours or Dustin's back, staring at his first greenback. Can't wait!

Howard Levett

Oh my, this old guy wasn't expecting lessons in breastfeeding! Oh well, it's nature's way isn't it? I'm glad to hear that you three have hit the trails. I'm sure it will make the little guy a healthier, better prepared kiddo.


Great write up, Stephanie, and I'm really glad to see your family enjoying the outdoors. These "new mom" challenges will soon give way to wondering how it is that Drake an get up the mountain path faster than you and Dustin can, and you'll wonder where the last 6 / 8 / /10 years went.

Enjoy it all!


a few breast milk supplements and an inverter so I could plug in and use said breast pump. Oh yeah, we love a challenge.

Ellis Moore

There's a lot to bring just for an outing? Yeah, the challenges of being a mom. With all those things a baby needs during out of town trips, I just wish everything is paid off when he grows up. And yeah, make him remember that you pumped for his milk with the audience in the wild.


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