Of note: I started this post close three months ago, but baby and school threw a wrench in finishing it…

After several months of staring at the walls of our living room (new baby and prior to that bed rest), Dustin and I took the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our backpacking room. Unfortunately, the gear room is still in a state of moving flux.  A tragedy, yes, but we will get it back in shape, along with ourselves, soon.  Back to the point, packing didn’t seem to be as seamless as normal. A process that Dustin and I had streamlined, now seemed new and clumsy.  Perhaps it was the addition of diapers, burp cloths, baby clothes, a breastfeeding pillow and wipes that made the packing seem so foreign. 

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Packing was not the only thing that proved a little more difficult, hiking certainly was as well.  Last summer, Dustin and I flew up trails, even when we were loaded up with overnight gear.  Fast forward 12 months and an easy trail, kicked both our butts when we tried to pick up our pace.  A rude wake up call that life certainly had changed.  The huffs and puffs were worth it though, because it was so great to be doing something we enjoyed pre-baby. 

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As I have said before, breastfeeding is great because milk is always on tap.  We took our time, picked scenic spots to feed, and us adults had lunch lakeside.  Bryan and Lindsay seemed to enjoy the short hike.  I would have liked to take them somewhere off the beaten path, but something was better than nothing.

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Autumn color had just began to make its appearance, and there was a crispness to the wind that only fall brings.  All in all, a refreshing day outside the walls of our house.  It sure has been an interesting year, but step by step we are settling in to our new life. 

Written by Stephanie Mullins



Great to see you up and posting kids! That little guy of your is absolutely amazing as he's growing so fast and I think it's fantastic that you the three of you share these adventures!
You're gonna have to post some photos of Drake helping dad at the tying bench….

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin

New addition is a cutie for sure. Good stuff and it all gets better from here…. well at least until they turn thirteen, makes the terible 2 look like a walk in the park but you have some time to build up some immunity.


What a fine looking little man. You parents are wonderful getting him out and getting him adapted to the real world out there. Cherish the memories!


way cool!… glad to read this, you have a fine looking little guy and being outside is so good for him! I wish I could see that landscape through the eyes of a youngster again.


I'm afraid that I am late here… A nice little hike there… What gorgeous colors in the back country. That Drake of yours has the most beautiful eyes! He just makes me smile. = ) Can't wait to see the family Christmas photos!

honest company

We are on our 2 second child and still use the honest diapers brand. With my 1st daughter we tried some less expensive brands and they all leaked. Honest NEVER LEAKED….My new little one is 4 months and sleeps all night long. When she gets up in morning, the diaper is so full to the max but the sheets and her clothing are all very dry!!

Phoebe Miller

Hiking is our favorite hobby, my husband and I make it a point that we’ll set a date for that once in a month. We never tried bringing our baby when we do hiking thinking that something would harm him, but looking through your pictures makes me want to bring my baby, it looks fun and a new experience, I will definitely keep these baby gears in mind the next time we go hiking.

Freya Brown

I never knew of this one, hiking and spending time with your family; I think we should try this one time. I will definitely bring this up to my husband, but first I need first to look for affordable baby gears to work on with our tight budget.

Stephanie and Dustin

It is a fun couple experience, but an even better experience shared with the little one. This particular hike was a very heavily used trail. The danger quotient was relatively low. He has since been taken into the backcountry, a little riskier adventure.

Stephanie and Dustin

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