Since Drake was born I pondered the idea of scraping Antlers and Gills in favor of a new blog to chronicle our +1 adventures.  After some internal debate, I decided not to press the “delete blog” button. Instead, I will incorporate Drake here on A&G,  much as we have done in our lives.  Any posts that are Drake specific I will title Tadpole Tales.  This gives fair warning for anyone that comes to the blog for outdoor content, not the gushy musings of a proud mommy.


Written by Stephanie Mullins


A Reel Lady

The mushy gushy's of a proud mom are just fine! Most hunters are parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles of little ones they like to gush about too!


Well…. That's good news! On the other hand you could always have a second blog and have Drake give his perspective on the Mom and Dad's exploits. I'm sure he's going to have so keen observations as the year roll along.


Just change "Tales of wetting lines, blazing trails, flying arrows and wetting babies". Glad to hear you're sticking around Steph…lotta godparents out here.


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