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This post really requires some dialogue, but as you can tell from my lack of posts, blogging time is hard to come by.  The abbreviated version: we had a fantastic time, enjoyed spending time with everyone, had a stellar cabin, and didn’t fish near as much as we would have liked.  I must say this, however, it was such a treat to watch Midgeman and Biggerrfish on the water.  Two tremendous fisherman.  If you ever have the opportunity to fish with these men, jump on it!  I wish I could give this trip more ink; alas, motherhood calls.  For a more detailed version of our trip head over to Biggerrfish, The Midge Manifesto or The River Damsel.  On this blog, photos will have to suffice.

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We did spend one morning at the “Toilet Bowl”.  It was fun for what it was, but after one morning I had my fill.  Visions of the trout park filled my head as I saw people fishing over one another.  Sure, there were big fish in there, and we caught a few, but it just wasn’t quite as rewarding as fishing further downstream.  Dustin and Emily, on the other hand, had a case of “Toilet Bowl Fever.”


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This trip was much different than our trip three years ago. With that said, Drake did as well as could be expected of a 10 month old. This will be our family’s first of many trips to “The Pan”.

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Written by Stephanie Mullins



First, thank you for the compliment, but I think the most dedicated anglers on the water were you two with little Drake in tow. Hundreds of long days of fishing the river hard are still ahead of you as we've all had little ones to deal with and when you look back, what you will remember most clearly was Drake on the Pan, the family time and just how you took it all in as a family. You three are to be congratulated on how you enjoying nature and family time!
Last and as always it was great to be on the water together and thank you for the special treat of having the little guy along. For both Lisa and I, being able to look across the river and wave at Drake, then get a return wave was something we had all but forgotten. Enjoy every minute with him as before too long he'll be grown and you won't remember where the years went.


It was an honor to meet the three of you and all three of you amazed me on the river!…
Again you are welcome to come visit the south-west part of the state any time you are ready.


It was go great to meet up again and do a little bit of fishin'… You guys are awesome! Ok…that's the second bear pic that has gone up. Was I totally oblivious to their presence? I guess so… = ) Take care.

Stephanie and Dustin

Yep, you were totally oblivious! There's a heavy concentration of bears in that area. It is better that you didn't know that. The police officer that we talked to on Friday morning was telling us about all the bears they have to euthanize.

We'll see you on the next trip. Take good care of yourself.

Stephanie and Dustin

There is so much we want to do in the S.W. part of the state. I hope we get down to see you guys, if not this summer/fall, next year for sure.

We should do this Pan trip again with Summer and Dylan.


That's twice I've missed you guys. I guess I'm a little undependable but believe me I was there in spirit. Little Drake is growing like a weed and it's pretty cool to see him so enthused about being outdoors with you guys. Hopefully we'll meet up soon.


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