Hand Soap

Disclaimer:  I received a free 8oz bottle of handsoap to try for this review.

It is no secret that I care about the natural world. Prior to Drake, I wanted to do all that I could to preserve, conserve and learn about the environment.  I still want to do all those things, but most importantly, I want to be the best steward I can be to ensure my son is able to enjoy all the wonders of the natural world in the same manner I do now.  Not to mention that being a good steward, also means making smart choices for our own health.  With that mindset, we try to limit the toxins in our daily life. 

I’m always searching for new things to try, or recipes for homemade cleaning solutions and such.  In fact, I couldn’t tell you the last time I used shampoo, conditioner or deodorant.  So, when the opportunity arose to try out a hand soap (something we use A LOT of) made without toxins, I jumped on it.  A quick exchange of Facebook messages, and my soap was on it’s way.

Opening the mailbox, I got a sweat pea scented surprise.  Alas, my soap must have arrived.  The sweet scent was a bit overpowering.  Once home, I discovered that my bottle had broke during shipping.  Luckily, the pump was still functional.  I placed the hand soap next to the sink where it would see the most action.

It didn’t take me long to use the soap for the first time.  Since my pump was a little on the broken side, soap shot out like a cannon.  Vigorously rubbing my hands together, I noticed my hands felt clean, but weren’t sudsy.  Suds aren’t required for a good clean, as I have learned.

I must say, I loved how clean my hands felt; they were clean without the dryness that usually accompanies the squeaky clean feeling.  However, I really disliked how my hands smelled.  Perhaps sweat pea is not a fragrance my smell buds prefer; thus, I asked Dus what he thought.  He disliked how strong the fragrance was as well.  My suggestion would be to cut back a little on the smell goods. 

A little of this soap goes a long way.  I have had this soap over two months, and it is just about half gone.  Holy smokes!  One of those Method foaming soaps are gone in no time!  I do think this soap would be outstanding in a foaming option. 

The last selling point for me, everything is literally homemade by a mom like myself.  I wish I had half the creativity and envy her productiveness.  There are a ton of things in her Etsy shop that I’m dying to try…candles, deodorant, chapstick, suncreen and the jasmine beeswax candle! 

The bottom line:  Would I purchase this soap for 5 bucks?  You betcha, but I would get a different scent, which is totally doable.  A Natural Mom’s Touch will make any scent you want.  Talk about a made-especially-for-you-item.  The best part of the soap, the ingredients list.  Only four, all natural, pronounceable ingredients.  Fantastic. 

Written by Stephanie Mullins


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