If I were to describe the year past, I would have to say: ready, set…never quite the go wanted.  Even if we didn’t get into the high country as much as we would have liked, we had a truly sensational year.  As hesitant as I was to be a parent, it has been a real blast raising our little tadpole.  I hope everyone had a tremendous 2013, and wish all the best to each one of you for an even better 2014!  Note: I’m breaking the post into quarters for a couple reasons: 1. Not to bore you.  2. Time at the computer is limited these days.

January: Looking back at these pictures, I can hardly recall Drake this small.  They make me chuckle.  I’ve included a few pics from the last weekend of 2012 because we had a terrific opportunity to watch the Broncos/Chiefs game in a suite with Mark Schlereth.  During the game, Drake also popped his first tooth.  What a day to remember. 

IMG_1236 IMG_1262 IMG_1278

IMG_1289January was also the month we learned about Drake’s Duane Syndrome.  His left eye is the one effected.  It will never get better, but we work to make sure that he will always have binocular vision.  Despite it being Colorado, January gave us a few warm days, which Dustin used to practice his casting accuracy.  Of course, Drake wanted to be part of the action.  We continued introducing Drake to new foods, snapped a picture of him in his crib (a rare occurrence), and remained tired because Drake was not a great sleeper (more on that later).     

IMG_2060 IMG_2117 IMG_1550 IMG_1551

February: Drake really began to get mobile this month.  He started cruising in earnest, and also started to army crawl.  We attended play group at Clothes Pony every Tuesday.  It was here where he found his all time favorite toy.  To this day, I still don’t think any toy has received as much play time as his Hiccups ball.  Although, his jungle could be a close second.  After all, he learned to pull up, cruise and call like a monkey on the thing.  By the way, he still plays with both. 


Much like January, February provided a few nice days.  We took advantage of the nice weather by exploring a bit of Bobcat Ridge.  Drake really liked being snug in the Ergo, and Dustin and I liked feeling the sun on our face.


March: During his ninth month of life, Drake really started to become “Drake”.  What I mean is, his personality really began to show through.  To be honest, this was the first month I really did LOVE being his mom.  Of course, I loved him from the moment he entered the world, and it wasn’t that he wasn’t supremely cool from the get go; however, this month, Drake became something more.  Perhaps it was because we ventured back out onto to the trail, where I feel more myself than any other place; perhaps it was because he started to push along his little cart and become a tad more daring and independent; perhaps it is because I found confidence in my ability to be his mom; perhaps it was because I could see myself and Dustin shining through his ornery grin…I can’t explain this change in myself, or Drake, but it was profound, at least for me. 

IMG_3107IMG_3256IMG_3263IMG_3284IMG_3299IMG_3325IMG_3346IMG_3350IMG_3364IMG_3412IMG_3436IMG_3450IMG_3741IMG_3853IMG_3877IMG_3959 (1)IMG_4027IMG_4067IMG_4111IMG_4129IMG_4148IMG_4192IMG_4213

After inspecting the goods the Easter Bunny left, we spend our Easter Sunday on the river.  In my opinion, there is no finer place to celebrate the approaching spring.  Lucky for us, it was an incredibly beautiful day.  However, it was at the end of the month when I really started to think something was amiss with my lil monner.  He slept so poorly, had dark circles and bags under his eyes, would develop these rashes, and (although he doesn’t really look like it in the pics), was really really skinny and small for a 9 month old.  I had no idea what the the next month had in store for us… 


Until next time,


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Glad to see you're still out there doing your thing, and it's really cool to see Drake become a part of your lifestyle. Looking forward to the next installment.


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