Balmy weather had the mercury and the stream flows rising last week.  At 300 cfs, the Poudre picked up a little steam, but the action stayed hot (front edge of storm).  As typical for our experience on the Poudre, browns outnumbered rainbows.  In fact, rainbows scored a big, fat zero this day.  Nothing of superior size, but all looked healthy.  Exclusively nymphed with the long sticks in runs that look like the photo below; fish resting in the softer water, as you might expect. 

The goal is to put up posts like this, few words and a couple pictures, after each session on the water.  In this post, and subsequent “Flies of the Day” posts, flies pictured will be those which caught fish.  Should some patterns be more prolific than others, I will mention it in the post.  Dustin says he might try his hand at this blogging thing if he can make it short and sweet.  Time will tell if he makes good on his word.

DSC06392       DSC06483 DSC06484 DSC06487

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Written by Stephanie Mullins



Nice to see the little guy getting in on the action. Good to see y'all are still out there doin' your thing.


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