Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, we took Drake up the Poudre in search of wily trout.  While I would like to say the fishing action was non-stop, I cannot.  Heck, we hardly even got our feet wet.  After driving for the better part of an hour and a half, my bladder was beyond full.  Hopping out the car in my best Peter Rabbit imitation, I scampered to find a hidden spot.  Being the bonehead I am, I didn’t change out of my flip-flops before I rushed to answer nature’s call.  Nature punished my ignorance by placing a cactus in my path.  Three toes poked, one pair of pants almost peed.

By the time I got back to the car, my pinky toe was fire-engine-red, swollen twice the normal size.  Cramming my now size larger foot into my wading boots was a bit of a challenge.  Wincing with every step, I eventually made it across the river.  After a couple of drifts, I glanced further upstream noticing Dustin and Drake weren’t fishing.  This happens frequently; I was not alarmed about the missing boys.  Rather, I was alarmed about my numbing face, splitting headache, and twitching eye.  I sat down for a second to shake it off, but the strange feeling wouldn’t shake.  After a few minutes, I took off to find Dus and Drake. 

DSC06608 DSC06606 DSC06611

Kneeling next to the river, searching for bugs is where I found them.  Instead of a plastic Easter egg filled with candy, Drake found a drake, how perfectly fitting.  I told Dustin about my symptoms, and suggested we maybe head down the canyon a bit closer to civilization in case things became a little harrier for me.  Instead, he took us home. 

Going home turned out to be okay as Drake had not yet seen what the Easter Bunny brought.  We were totally selfish parents; knowing full well Drake would not want to leave his sandbox to fish, we snuck out before he went outside for the day.  Perhaps the cactus served as my karma.  Drake did indeed spend all afternoon playing in his new sandy oasis.  As for me, I felt out of sorts all evening.  I’m not sure if it was a reaction to the cactus or my first experience with altitude sickness.  Whatever it was, I know I won’t dash off into the scrub in flip-flops again! 

Even though I can’t share any hot flies with you all, I can share a few snapshots from a wacky Easter, and let you in on a little secret…the drake nymphs are plentiful in the Upper Poudre. 


Until next time,


Written by Stephanie Mullins



You hopped like Peter Rabbit? That was worth a video I'm sure… Lol. Your little family has such wonderful adventures. Drake will appreciate his childhood when he is grown and will smile when told that the Easter Bunny had to wait until he came back from the river. Haha.


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