It was one of those days; one where not a thing seems to go as planned from the minute the eyes open to the sunlight leaking through the blinds.  Judging from the brightness of the room, I knew we had slept later than planned.  Oops number one.  Considering we were already late, we took our leisurely time getting the car packed and ourselves ready.  Oops number two.  Once on the road, we didn’t stay northward long.  We had to return home to retrieve something we forgot. Oops number three.  Finally, we thought, we can go fish!
This week took us to a new spot. As we wandered miles down a dirt road, Dustin glanced at the fuel gage and said, “I hope we have enough gas.  We have 80 miles to empty.”  This is 100% typical Dustin.  Here we are, miles from a gas station, with three Nalgenes of water, a few snacks and a toddler.  Hmmm.  Oops number four.  Eventually we stop at a house and the kind man told us where we were and where our best bet for gas would be.  As it turned out, we took the split and were not where we wanted to be.  Our fears were also confirmed as we had to head back to 287 to get gas.  Of course the first gas station we came across didn’t have a high enough octane for the Sube.  Rolling the dice, we continued onto the next.  We made it.
I suggested we just head on home and call the day a wash.  After all, there were household chores and homework waiting.  Alas, Dustin had a different idea and away we went.  Good thing we gave the Sube a drink, because she had her hardest job to date.  The road back to the trail was a rough one.  After descending about 500’ on foot we were greeted with a river which was flowing at a good clip.  Before we left we suspected we would encounter high water, but decided to go anyway.  Considering how the day had went thus far, we concentrated our efforts in places that posed the least danger.  Being paralyzed with fear really hampered my fishing efforts.  Every rustle of the grass made me gasp for air, feeling positive that I would look down to see a rattler or a bull snake.  The exact reason we’d never fished this area before. 
Thankfully, I didn’t see any snakes; unfortunately, the fish were as elusive as the herps.  Neither Dustin nor I hooked a fish, let alone bring one to net.  From the four other groups we saw, there was only a total of 5 fish caught all day.  What else would one expect on “one of those days”.   
Until next time,

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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