With high flows all around us, we thought it time to hit a tail water.  There are a few options in the state right now; the Eleven Mile Canyon stretch of the South Platte happened to be our choice.  The old adage, fish the front of front, held true for us.  Fish were consistent both days, even on a freezing cold Sunday morning.  Luckily, a few patterns worked well. There wasn’t a lot of second guessing about fly selection.  We sure love when that happens.
Flows were low, making wading easy.  If I remember right, this section flowed at 78 cfs.  Blue wing olives had a solid hatch.  The camera is broken so I can’t post the most important part…flies.  All of the flies we used were Dustin’s creations save for one; credit belongs to Rod (aka Midgeman) for the fly of the weekend.  It’s a fly he keeps close to the vest, one that has caught him and Dustin countless fish, and one which has never caught me a fish…until now.  Dustin’s Purple Passion and his Blue Wing imitation were the flies of choice.  I will try to get a pic up when our camera comes back from the shop. Yes, we are very hard on cameras! 


It was a chilly weekend, but we made the most of it, the long trip home made even longer by the May snow storm which hit the Front Range.  Fuzzy blankets, warm sheets and a thermostat were a sight for sore eyes. 
Until next time,

Written by Stephanie Mullins


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