It was Thursday night, the perfect time to decide to camp for the weekend.  For the second time in two weeks we made the trek to Eleven Mile Canyon.  With a weekend like last weekend, it would be silly to say no to an impromptu trip.  Besides the weather looked to be much warmer meaning all of us, especially Drake, would have a better time.
More playing in the water occurred this week than last, and Drake had the better time for it.  In fact, it was darn near impossible to keep him out of the water.  He was only interested in what we were doing if there happened to be a fish on the end of our line.  If not, it was a constant game of rocks in the water. Fishing held steady all day Saturday.  Drake was even able to strip a few fish to net!  Sunday morning was slow, but when it started to hit, it really started to hit.  There were four of us fishing near one another close to the spillway.  All four of us hooked into fish at once.  A quadruple – awesome!  After that it was fish on, fish on, fish on for all of us. 
As for flies, the same exact patterns worked this week as the week prior; however, we did add one to the mix (camera should be back in 2-4 weeks).  Upon a rock inspection, Drake pointed out a caddis hatching.  I threw on a caddis nymph and sure enough, one cast, one fish.  A caveat, this pattern only worked below the falls, as we did not see any caddis above them.  Much like the flies, the flows were darn near identical, with only a 10 cfs difference.  This makes for easy fishing as the fish are exactly where you think they would be.  Dry fly rods were packed, but they stayed in their cases.  Perhaps next visit.
DSC07406DSC07408  DSC07424DSC07449DSC07461DSC07482DSC07484DSC07502DSC07504DSC07508DSC07510DSC07519
Sunday morning we had the pleasure of witnessing a man catch the fish of his life.  After fishing the same spot for hours, his patience was rewarded by a 26”, by the tape, rainbow.  I stood captivated as he demonstrated a calm, cool demeanor throughout the fight.  Visibly exhaling with relief and simultaneous joy, he netted it.  As it happened, he forgot his camera; good thing we were there to provide him photographic evidence of his fish of a lifetime.  It was an excellent way to end the trip. 
Until next time,

Written by Stephanie Mullins


Stephanie and Dustin

Hey Josh! He started stripping line this last weekend. I think we might get him a little 3wt for his birthday for him to play with. It might be a little easier to handle than Dustin's 11ft 4wt 🙂 What age did Dylan really begin to be able to fish?


Honestly he was playing with fish and stripping line like Drake at that age… Id say by the time he was six or seven he could un hang his flies and cast to a fish and land it… You will be surprised in how much the kids know before they develop the ability to actually do the motions, it just happens!…
Again the photos are so so cool of Dad showing Son his catch.. but be ware it will go the other way some day..


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