A sense of déjà vu swept over me as I sat down to compose this post.  Once again we traveled to Eleven Mile Canyon, and we caught a lot of fish.  Flows were super low; fish were right where you expected them to be; flies were a bit different, with Dustin’s blue wing being the fly of the weekend (I swear we will get pics of the flies when we get our camera back).  With all the rivers blown out throughout the state, the canyon was under some heavy pressure.  We struggled to find a spot Saturday late morning, but after the storms rolled through we practically had the river to ourselves.  We fished below the falls on Saturday, and right below the “no fishing” fence to the first bend on Sunday.  


While we caught our fair share of fish, we saw others struggling.  One gentleman even asked Dustin, “Hey man, I have to ask: “What are you using?”  I don’t think we had a magic fly, as another couple fishing next to us also had great luck with their own patterns.  The three groups kind of rotated spots all day.  In my opinion, I believe the four of us had the fly depth in the water column nailed.  The reason I say this is because I played with the weight on my flies several times Sunday morning.  I broke off on vegetation time and time again and drifted with not so much as a sniff before I found the right depth.  Dustin and I were using different patterns, the weight he had on didn’t work with the flies I had chose.  It was a trial and error thing.  Too many times I have been that guy;  it was nice to be the one catching and not the one scratching my head.


Except for a quick thunderstorm, the weather was spectacular.  Dustin cooked up superior grub on the fire grate, and Drake had his first roasted marshmallow.  Saturday night, I didn’t need my sleeping bag, just a fleece blanket.  All three of us slept soundly, but I think Drake was exhausted.  He woke up at 330 AM Saturday and stated, “All done sleeping Mommy. Go to Eleven Mile Canyon.”  He’s such a monner.  As usual, we stayed way too late on Sunday.  It is always so hard to leave when we’re catching fish.


The last few weeks, Drake has became more aware of the fish in the water; he’s also expressed interest in becoming more independent.  This weekend was no exception.  He spotted a nice rainbow in a bit of slower water exclaiming, “Big Rainbow trout!”  At that moment, the fish swept into a feeding lane, Dustin gave him a perfect drift, and SUCCESS! Fish in the net.  Sight fishing sure treated us well this past weekend.  As for Drake’s blossoming independence, he grabbed Dustin’s rod and proclaimed, “Drakey fish all by his self, Daddy”.  As it stands, the kid is a better mender than I am! 

Until next time,

Written by Stephanie Mullins


Lee Evans

Really cool! The kid needs a shorter rod, that reach for the line was a bit of a stretch!! Heehee He's two soon? Or three?

Stephanie and Dustin

Hey Lee! We actually plan to get him a little 3wt from Elkhorn for his birthday. That should be much easier to handle than Dustin's 11 ft 4wt! He will be 2 on June 18. Time flies.


I don't know how I missed this, but awesome post. It's so nice to see you guys and little Drake enjoying the back country. I hope we see more posts as summer progresses.

Fish Bait

Hello! Nice seeing you bonding with your kid on fishing. What's his reaction when he finally got his present? I bet he's so excited to go out again on a fishing trip with you guys. Hope you all have lots of fun.



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