Life passes insanely fast; this fact everyone knows, but still it is a fact that is normally surrounded by flowery quotes, screamed at us from posters, or is mentioned when someone is taken from the world too young. It isn’t very often given much thought or much stock put in this idea. It’s just a cliché thing to say.  Except for when it is not.  For me, a “life passes fast moment” hit me like a ton of bricks when I pulled up the January 2014 picture folder.  I hardly remember Drake as this little boy. We laughed when he said, “Santa. Ho. Ho.”, “Waterfalls come from snowmelt.”, and when he counted to ten. In a blink, this stage of his life was gone; faded into an oblivion even a mother’s memory can barely reach. Now Drake tells stories and asks complex questions. For instance this morning, “How come my testicles are inside my scrotum? I want them out!”. Life passes fast…

January: For some reason, Drake spent a lot of this month topless.  When he wasn’t topless, we went to Zoo Lights, hiked to Gem Lake, got a fat lip, tied some flies, and played in the snow. Decent month, at least as far as I can remember.

DSC04333 DSC04411 DSC04438 DSC04487 DSC04539 DSC04632 DSC04657 DSC04672 DSC04703 DSC04751 DSC04783 DSC04799DSC04804DSC04824DSC04831DSC04861DSC04895DSC04913DSC04918DSC04930DSC04952DSC05011DSC05028

February: I had big plans to take Drake to an incredible parade, but the Broncos didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. In fact, it was such a blow out, the boys ended up tying flies before the game was over. We did spend a few days in Denver, however, visiting the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. I happen to be a big fan of free. Braving whiteout conditions, we took our first trip to the Hidden Valley sledding area in RMNP. Only one other family was on the hill. Drake also started to be a really big help in the kitchen. He helped cook, washed dishes, and unloaded the dishwasher nearly every day.  DSC05146 DSC05163 DSC05172 DSC05179 DSC05188 DSC05215 DSC05233 DSC05265 DSC05333 DSC05392 DSC05434 DSC05437 DSC05450 DSC05484 DSC05560DSC05649DSC05656DSC05679

March: As I write this, powdery snow falls outside the office window. While snow always makes for a serene scene, it also settles the cabin fever deep into my bones; especially so when I look at pictures from warm, sunny days. We’ve talked about taking up a winter hobby that will keep us in shape for the backpacking season. Maybe, just maybe, next year when I do this Year in Review post you will see some Nordic skiing or snowshoeing pictures during those drab months of January and February.  Anyhow…warm weather must have came soon last year, as most of the March photos are of us hiking or fishing. It sure looks like we spent a lot of time at Bobcat Ridge. We all love this area, but the season here is short for us due to the high rattlesnake density.  I just can’t force myself to go after April. I will make darn sure I don’t pass on this ridiculous phobia to Drake…Let’s see, we had a Grrpa only visit this month. Drake was quite disturbed when we looked at these photos. He asked where is Nonna? Why did Grrpa come without Nonna? Why did he leave Nonna in Kansas City? Big development things happened this month too. Drake started to express interest in the potty and developed the dexterity to work with Lego Jrs. pieces. 

DSC05781 DSC05824 DSC05839 DSC05896 DSC05928 DSC05944 DSC05946 DSC05952 DSC05958 DSC05977 DSC06022 DSC06034 DSC06087 DSC06102 DSC06106 DSC06113 DSC06115DSC06117DSC06129DSC06140DSC06159DSC06172DSC06197DSC06215DSC06222DSC06226DSC06238DSC06250DSC06255DSC06261DSC06270DSC06290DSC06302DSC06310DSC06331DSC06338DSC06356DSC06366DSC06376DSC06378DSC06382DSC06386DSC06393DSC06406DSC06408

That’s a wrap for January through March. It feels like it took me longer to write this post than it took for Drake to change over those 3 months. Perhaps, instead of crying over time passed, I can pat myself on the back for living in the present, focusing fully on the moment, the life stage, the milestone, right in front of me. Happy New Year! Cheers to all the new memories 2015 shall bring.


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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Love the pics. So many great outdoor family trips you guys have! I especially love the pic of Dustin, Drake and the trout,. Oh wait, I love the tying pics too,.. Thanks for sharing.


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