I’ve blogged about this before, but every time I look at photos I think about how much different Drake’s childhood will be than mine. I often ask myself how I can keep his wonder alive when he is surrounded by all this beauty everyday. Each season in Colorado holds it’s own magic; magic I hope stays with him all his days.

April: This month we were able to make the trip to meet Drake’s new cousin. Up until last February, Dustin was navigating this father thing solo. He was overjoyed to welcome his brother to the to the “dad club”. We had a great visit. Gosh darn all those miles between us.

Our bank account is always nearly empty because I stay home with Drake, but as it so happens trails are also empty during the week. Weekday hiking rocks; it is the only time to enjoy the immensely populated places like Gray Rock up Poudre Canyon or Deer Mountain in RMNP. In fact, we hiked a fair amount of popular places in April, and we didn’t see more than ten people. We also explored a few new spots on the Poudre, and reacquainted ourselves with some old favorites we hadn’t visited in awhile.

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May: I think our zip code change this month to 80827. We spent 3 weekends at Eleven Mile Canyon. One brutally cold, and two blissfully pleasant. As it always happens, we had a great time and caught a ton of fish. It is such an easy place for us to car camp and navigate with Drake. We also discovered a new area, which I am looking forward to visiting again; in fact, we might go check it out this weekend if the weather holds. After all, the rattlesnakes are still sleeping! Drake and I did more hiking; one of those hikes I did 6 miles in flip-flops because I didn’t have the heart to tell Drake we could only do a short hike because I forgot my boots; we also broke the camera on this hike. Needless to say, those flip flops were retired. While my feet didn’t come clean for days, they didn’t hurt…

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June: Ah, summer! We began this glorious month the same we ended the previous, catching fish, rays, and smiles in 11MC. It is true, 11MC can be combat fishing if you refuse to leave those upper stretches. The truth of the matter, we have caught fish all over the place. I guess we are willing to fish the overlooked areas. There were a few days where we only saw a few people on the water. Speaking of lots of people, June is also the month we have the most visitors. My two sets of parents come to visit, and my aunt makes the trip from Texas to bask in June-time Colorado glory. We ended the month at an incredible campsite; our favorite one to date, in fact.


  July to September….coming soon!


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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