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Getting out There: Ptarmigan Lake

After a cold, soggy Spring, we thought for sure our high country adventures wouldn’t start until at least mid-July. A warm, wet late May/early June accelerated melting in the higher elevations allowing us to hike a completely snow free trail the last weekend in June. That was definitely a first for us! As is the… Read more »

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Getting Out There: The Crags

If our trip to Devil’s Head Tower taught me anything, it was to have a couple of backup options. I always had a pocket full of places to go when we lived in NoCO, but since we’ve been here, I have picked out a place, researched it, and went. The dreary weather at Devil’s Head… Read more »

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A Monner Turns Three

All parents say this, but my son is growing too fast. Moments, adorable sayings, laughs, developments, emotions, and disasters are all fleeting. In the blink of an eye, he changes. I wish I could snapshot every memory, make room in my mind to remember every stage, every word, every laugh. Not every day is easy,… Read more »

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Getting Out There: Devil’s Head Fire Tower

This is a hike I have wanted to do for a long time, but made excuses not to do it…it is too busy, the drive is too far…etc. When I planned the hike, the weather was supposed to be perfect for catching a beautiful sunrise. There I go again with those best laid plans. As… Read more »