Summer is a time for hitting up alpine lakes and small streams, but sometimes the high country throws a wrench in plans. This happened this past weekend, and we found ourselves without a backup plan (shame on me!). Truthfully, it was a weekend full of madness. We drove over 600 miles. We wet waded (WHAT?!). I took a nasty spill. I broke our camera. Drake cooperated in the car (NEVER happens!). We fished rivers in August (crazy talk!).


Saturday, after much hemming and hawing about what we wanted to do, we found a spot on the Arkansas and wet our lines. We have fished this river a few times this summer and have caught fish on only one fly, Tak’s Go To Prince (size 14 and 16). It is funny that we’ve had such success with it, as that was also our “Go To” fly on the Poudre. It always scored, and continues to be a proven winner on “new to us” water. The browns liked it again Saturday. Wet wading sure did feel good in the 85º weather. I couldn’t believe it when I turned to see Dustin knee deep in the river. Hell had frozen over. I snapped a photo, and not moments later I was ass deep in the Ark, and our camera broken (imagine that…summer and a broken camera). Hiking boots don’t equal wading boots. I will remember that next time. On a positive note, the Arkansas is my favorite of our new water; perhaps it is because it reminds me so much of my beloved Poudre…

Sunday, we headed to 11MC for only the second time since we have moved down south. That seems so weird to type, but true. The high flows have kept us away much of the summer. It is already a tough river to fish with Drake, but the higher flows make it even more so. This river always produces numbers, and Sunday was no exception. My rig set-up was right on the money. I think I pulled at least one fish our of every hole I fished. One fly was also the ticket in the canyon as well, a black and gray RS2, size 22. Flows on Sunday morning were 189. We didn’t try any dries, but a group of gentlemen spoke with said they were having top water luck on tricos in the AM.

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Written by Stephanie Mullins


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