Drake and Fuxi at Ski Cooper

Do not adjust your screen, the picture above and below are blurry. I decided a blurred photo is the perfect metaphor for our current life state. Since Christmas, our lives have been a blur, yet they have been insanely fun and full of arm-raising celebration. Drake first started skiing in December and hasn’t stopped since. He progressed from the edgie wedgie to carving parabolas behind a world-class skier. It has been an exhausting whirlwind. I want to tell the story of his season, but I simply don’t have the energy at the moment. I’ll simply say, we are moving our family from Palmer Lake, CO to Georgetown, CO. The main driver of this move is Drake’s insatiable desire to make turns on the snow.  Stay tuned for his story, more updates from our family, and maybe some other fun content I find the time to write!

At Nastar Nationals in Steamboat

Written by Stephanie Mullins



Stephanie, it sounds like you’ve found a great way to add balance to your life! I am so excited for Drake, for you and for your husband. A six minute commute will keep you sane and the skiing fun! Congratulations!

Stephanie Mullins

Thank you a million times, Kristen. You have no idea how much our interaction helped me navigate all this season. I am thankful for you!


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