A Ski Story

23 days.   23 short little days.   What happens in 23 days?!   Snow-making at Loveland happens.   I catch myself laughing incredulously at the mere fact I know this, or have any emotions about it.  Never in a million years did I think I would give a single rat’s ass about when snow-making… Read more »

Snow Blind

Do not adjust your screen, the picture above and below are blurry. I decided a blurred photo is the perfect metaphor for our current life state. Since Christmas, our lives have been a blur, yet they have been insanely fun and full of arm-raising celebration. Drake first started skiing in December and hasn’t stopped since. He… Read more »

Rocking Motherhood My Own Way

Hayley over at Traveling Hiking Family asked to nominate some mom bloggers to share a blog about why we are rocking motherhood. I read her post, and feeling particularly down that day, thought, yes I can blog about that. I need a dose of positive self-talk about myself as a mom.  What mom doesn’t need that?!… Read more »

How to Call Your Congressman To Keep it Public

Do you like to hike? Do you like to explore the natural world with your child? How about fish, do you like fishing? Or maybe you are a hunter? A backpacker? A skier or snowshoe aficionado? A birder or wildlife watcher? Enjoy visiting National Parks and Forests? Do you feel having accessible land that is… Read more »

Resolutions Are Not For Me, Challenges Are

At this point in January most of the New Year posts are over and the enthusiasm for great things in the new year is beginning to wane. This was evident to me last night as the gym was not busy for the first time since the first of the year. Is Wednesday a universal rest day… Read more »

How to Backpack with a Child: Infant Through Preschool Part Two

Walking into the baby store, with the harsh lighting, beeping scanners, and screaming kids, was one of the most overwhelming things I did while pregnant. Who knew a tiny, helpless human needed so many things? The baby wasn’t even here yet and I had major anxiety about what gear in this megastore was truly essential…. Read more »

How to Backpack With a Child: Infant Through Preschool Part One

Summer – tired bodies, full hearts. Summer – miles on the car, dirt on our shirts. Summer – buckets full of memories, stress buckets emptied. Summer – the time our family feels the most content, or for lack of a better word, “normal”. Summer – the time of year where I notice how much my… Read more »

Who’s That Girl

“Mommy” – this has been my moniker for the last four years of my life. Even though I hear this everyday, the name still hangs on me like a piece of ill-fitted clothing. You know the feeling, the one where you see something on the hanger that you think might look great on you, but you… Read more »

Gear Up: First Thoughts from the Field

Taking new gear into the field is always a precarious situation. Testing new gear at home isn’t quite the same as relying on it to keep you fed, dry, and warm in the back country. After putting our new gear to the test the last few weekends, I wanted to share some preliminary thoughts. To… Read more »

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Gear Up: Get the Goods

Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliates. We appreciate you clicking through them. It doesn’t cost you a cent and helps out our family a little bit! Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer. You know our beloved outdoor places will be packed this weekend. That means it might be a… Read more »

  • Tadpole Tales: Zoo Lights

    With its balmy 65º breezes and toasty rays of sunshine, January 2nd demanded activities be done out of doors.  A day such as this was such respite from the snowy, cold weather of weeks passed. Not being the type that would look a gift horse in the mouth, Dus and I decided to take Drake… Read more »

  • 2013: Year in Review–October to December

    I did it.  I wrote four posts in less than a week!  Let’s see if I can try to keep this blog current the rest of the year.  Without further adieu, here is the final installment of our Year in Review! October:  Just as the green leaves faded to a golden yellow, the frivolity of… Read more »

  • 2013: Year in Review–July to September

    Ah, summer. Is there any greater time of year?  The Year in Review series continues… July:  Trailblazing was how we chose to usher in July.  The first couple of weekends we logged over 50 miles.  Not bad for two out of shape parents lugging packs and a baby.  The summer looked to be shaping up… Read more »

  • 2013: Year in Review–April to June

    The Antlers and Gills “Year in Review” series continues.  I shall pick up where from where I concluded… April:  Anxiety, helplessness, frustration, exhaustion, worry were all things that shrouded my whole sense of being during April.  Each day was a struggle for me as a mom; Drake continued to get worse as the month progressed. … Read more »

  • 2013: Year in Review–January to March

    If I were to describe the year past, I would have to say: ready, set…never quite the go wanted.  Even if we didn’t get into the high country as much as we would have liked, we had a truly sensational year.  As hesitant as I was to be a parent, it has been a real… Read more »

  • Tadpole Reviews: Moms At Home Natural Homemade Handsoap

    Disclaimer:  I received a free 8oz bottle of handsoap to try for this review. It is no secret that I care about the natural world. Prior to Drake, I wanted to do all that I could to preserve, conserve and learn about the environment.  I still want to do all those things, but most importantly,… Read more »

  • If at First You Don’t Succeed

    After our disaster of a trip to Timber Lake, we took the next day to scratch our mosquito bites and gear up before our next adventure, which we thought would take place the following week.  In typical Dus and Steph fashion, we decided at 7:00PM Friday that we wanted to head  into the backcountry, once… Read more »

  • An Up and Down Independence Day

    As long as I can remember, the 4th of July has been my favorite holiday.  Perhaps it is because my birthday is the following day; perhaps it is my love for summer that makes this holiday a bit better than the others; perhaps it is the great family memories I have of this particular holiday… Read more »

  • Mischievous Marmots, Frigid Fish and a Tadpole in the Alpine

    Many moons have passed since Dustin and I’s last backpacking trip; it was the last trip Dustin and I shared simply as “Dus and Steph”.  It will always stir a nostalgic, special feeling in both of us; the “perfect trip” in so many respects.  Gosh, what a sensational experience. Even as I write this, a… Read more »

  • Our First Family Vacation & The Gathering

    This post really requires some dialogue, but as you can tell from my lack of posts, blogging time is hard to come by.  The abbreviated version: we had a fantastic time, enjoyed spending time with everyone, had a stellar cabin, and didn’t fish near as much as we would have liked.  I must say this,… Read more »